Smart Home Garden Theme Condo – The Garden Residences at Serangoon Garden

A good school district, giving their children a head start. In Singapore, and there’s a top school district located in the Serangoon Garden estate which many parents long for to enrol their children into.

Let the kids have the best growth in prestigious education schools 

The Garden Residences in Singapore district 19 – Located along Serangoon North View, the condominium is overlooking one of the most popular areas inSingaporeans love: Serangoon Garden Estate

As one of the top landed district in Singapore, Serangoon has quite a few top educational school in the neighbourhood housing. The communities within one kilometre of many prestigious universities including Singapore ranked sixth public elementary schools – Rosyth School, the French International School and Nanyang Primary School to ensure that children’s education a priority.

Prime neighbourhood 

Serangoon Garden has a well developed transportation network and near the main highway, within a few minutes so you can get to the city’s neighborhoods, where there are free shuttle arrived in real Longgang subway station. Moreover, The Garden Residences is near to the future coming Serangoon North MRT station, which is a few minutes to arrive.

Sunlight filled with Green – Garden-style residential

As Singapore The Garden Residences beautiful garden residence, is really a full of sunlight and natural good homes.

Community ownership of more than 100 species of plants, creating a garden – like living conditions, plants, trees, around the corners, and communities close to nature to create a home atmosphere.

Rich amenities makes life better

The Garden Residences is a serene garden nature theme living condominium, in the early hours of the morning breeze blowing over the surface, switchgrass, blowing in your face and love in the neighbourhood, surrounded by stretch back to the community where all can have a relaxing environment after a long day working at in the concrete city.

Every day, you can also experience different leisure facilities including a swimming pool, spa, gym, spa, 24 hours a day, regardless of space dedicated to pets, including spouses, children, parents – indoors can enjoy leisure and enjoy a rest at ease.

Green technology brand developers to build homes

Two of the best-known The Garden Residences by Singapore home and Wing Tai Asia have teamed up to build, is green homes and high-tech home of modern living model.

Exclusive design project of the intelligence community APP, you can achieve its facilities and control the lighting and air conditioning, among other features, is Singapore’s first use of automatic water heater control systems and automatic smoke alarm system, neighbourhood of smart home system, making life more freewheeling.

A perfect circle atmosphere within reach

The project in the atmosphere and the surrounding region is home to a rich living facilities, convenient, adjacent to chomp chomp Food Centre, Serangoon Garden brake, NEX shopping malls and other mature shopping centre food centre, comfort, convenience and enjoy life.

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