The Garden Residences and Affinity at Serangoon attracted thousands of visitors over the weekend preview

Two new residential condo project located in Serangoon North had attracted thousands of potential buyers during the preview of the showflat.

Located at Serangoon North Road, two private property launched over the weekend heated up. Two private projects held a showflat preview, attracting thousands of potential buyers to come. The two projects are The Garden Residences and Affinity at Serangoon, sums up a total of more than 1,600 units into the market.

Affinity at Serangoon preview event held this weekend, it has a 1,012 one to four bedroom unit, 40 in a tiered titles are among five residential units and retail shops, and is expected to be formally is on sale until next month. While the price for legs weren’t announced, but is expected to have sales agent, feet should be a price of $1,600 to $1,700.

Covering an area more than 296,000 square feet of this new project, the past is secondary to her seat apartment Serangoon ville’s location. Last year, Serangoon ville to $499,000,000 success collective sales, sold to a consortium of Oxley Holdings.

Nearby is the other one lot by Keppel and Wing Tai holding joint development The Garden Residences. The project has taken the lead in the model unit opened last weekend, attracting more than 3,000 people to come. It has five buildings of up to 15 floors of residential buildings, a total of 613 units, including one to five bedroom bedroom units.

Project developers also foreshadowed price was not disclosed, but according to real estate brokerage, overall project feet between price of $1600 to $1700. Among them, one bedroom units, up from 788000 billion, three bedroom is up from 1,380,000 yen.

Developer show flat, pointed to potential buyers including multi-generational families, retirees, Serangoon Gardens area of married couples, initiates and collective sales of homeowners, etc. The project is expected to be opened for booking the next month.

Analysts believe that two of the projects are not far apart, so competition is high and the buyers have more choice. Local private markets and into the season, the developers have chosen at this time, in an attempt to launch the buyer’s favour.

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