Property Developers Competing New Projects – The Garden Residences & Affinity At Serangoon

Singapore’s housing has some unwritten industry rules. For example, the introduction of the market, real estate development association, which is expected to be released in advance of the wind, like much of a price range that opened to facilitate mediation awareness month, looking for potential buyers, and before the official opening to collect a check, according to the most popular degree opening price adjustments.

In the short term, if there are two big real estate listing, typically have a tacit agreement to avoid opening time, you start this weekend, then I’ll start next weekend.

If it is a place very close to a distance of two real estate developers, deep pockets of choice in the land of the two auctions, when land is marked down.

There are many examples of readily available. For example, Bishan MRT station near the Sky Habitat and Sky Vue two, a real estate developer is Cade group.

The intent is simple, the Singapore market wasn’t big, developers don’t want to be caught in a vicious competition. To say that today’s gossip is to implement the new gang of two plates, separated by no more than 200 metres, there are more than 500 households facing large apartment developers, new disk Ye QIA up. It’s interesting

The two competing residential condominium project located near to each other will be The Garden Residences and Affinity At Serangoon.

Affinity at Serangoon, originally a middle income apartment Serangoon Ville’s location.

In June 2017, Serangoon ville had went through a collective sales and successfully sold to a consortium of four companies that, on average, Oxley Serangoon 835 square metres of new floor area ratio.

The Garden Residences plots of land were sold in July 2017, under government plans, marketed by Wing Tai Holdings and Keppel Land joint under the standard.

The exact location of the property

You can look at the map.

Two new plates separated by only between two apartment houses.

Le of a race to the top of the map to see primary school No. The local’s top universities, while the two office buildings within a mile of distance. In addition to within a kilometre outside Le of a race, and the primary school. Geographical location and school districts from the perspective of a plate, two almost identical.

One of the two plates, located in the same place at the same time, developers to buy land to house a large degree, for potential buyers of the basic part of the same groups, are trading time hit together. The competition was inevitable.

The Garden Residences, one step ahead of 17 May to take the lead in an open model. The model chose the locations, all of a sudden it has attracted more than 3,000 potential buyers to visit.

Affinity at Serangoon act quickly, a week later, on the opening position is not so good. Developers are a little bit frustrated. Then, they’ve had a big trick: Who let the people get the property at a cheaper price? Open on the same day was packed with people.

The price is below the actual price, prices are expected to reopen later on the same day.

Each foot of new money in 1600-1700, is estimated to sell for The Garden Residences in the one room apartment price should be in more than 780,000.

A few months ago to see so much news radish, are from the initial price 788000 takeoff. However, since a close Affinity at Serangoon $788,000 hand-to-hand combat posture, the starting price is estimated to have rates would probably stand down.

As the saying goes, let the profit from it. Developers ring, the buyer is the winner of the fisherman.

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